Sunday, 15 March 2009

Comparison: ACCA or MBA

Recently many institutions sprung up in Pakistan offering ACCA, CAT classes. But is it good for ones career to do ACCA/CAT especially when BBA/MBA is also an option to pursue by young people.

I would definitely say that MBA/BBA is much more diverse than ACCA. After doing MBA/BBA one can make up career in marketing, finance, IT, HR or SCM. So, in this comparison MBA/BBA beats ACCA quite easily. But I would suggest anyone who has strong interest in Finance to do ACCA.

Students in ACCA are generally much better than in MBA/BBA doin major in Finance. So, I mean that ACCA students know much about finance than MBA/BBA students. It is because ACCA emphasises on finance. MBA/BBA on the other hand focuses on all of business functions like marketing, finance, IT, HR or SCM.

If one wants to keep option open so one should opt for MBA/BBA. ACCA merely concentrates on Finance and after doing ACCA its difficult for one to switch to marketing or HR or SCM. So, generally speaking MBA/BBA is better to switch between different fields.

ACCA has its own benefit of being recognized around the globe. Here in Pakistan anyone who is not doing anything just goes and register for ACCA. It should not be like that. If one really wants to pursue career in Finance then one should opt for it. Otherwise, it could result in a disaster of ones career.

For MBA/BBA there are many institutions offering good degrees like:

IBA, Karachi

LUMS, Lahore





For ACCA there are many good institutions like:




I think its enough for today. If u people have any queries then i will be more than happy to answer.


  1. well>>as far as u say dat mba has an edge over acca>>its not true>>as a matter of fact acca and mba are two diverse feilds which, in my opinion, should not be compared..!! u no>>compairing the two can be taken as comparing baseball and cricket or rukby with football>>tho similiar, yet different!!
    secondly, acca is also a very diverse feild>>it not only offers u to b a financial analyst buh one can also specailise in auditing or cost management or taxation>>all of which are 4 different directions..!!
    moreover acca exam paper makers and examiners are not the one who hav been teaching us thruout the term..!! our papers, like the cambridge system come from london and are chekd ova there only..!!
    i do not deny the fact that students doing mba hav a better personality development then acca students>>buh then it is the requirement of the mba proffesion..!! however, character building which includes proper dressing, alecution, presentations are becoming a significant part of the acca profession..!
    best of all>>acca promises u a 100% employment once u become an acca affiliate>>in some cases, like mine, however one can start with their jobs too>>>which mean that as in a mba program ur stuck for atleast 6 years with no food for thot for ut job, in acca u can start working even after 6 months of joining it..!
    not only this>>acca takes a minimum of 2 years to complete>>after which u can get a job of 30,000 to 55,000 per month>>whilst in a mba program ur stuck for atleast 4 years..!
    acca also offers a B.Sc. (Hons.) program DURING acca itself>>this means that by the time u pass ur acca, u hav two things in ur hand>>1. acca affiliation
    2. B.Sc. (Hons.) degree..!


    1. 2Years wrong. 3-4Years just acca is more right.

    2. 2Years wrong. 3-4Years just acca is more right.

  2. and btw daniyal>>Add , CAMS, KnS and NCA to the list of acca collegeS..!!

  3. @ Hamdan
    i'd like to point out to readers that ACCA doesnt offer 100% chance of employment

    AND "which u can get a job of 30,000 to 55,000 per month"..not true...i know examples of good students passing out and getting jobs in the range 12-18000
    yes some ppl do get these....not everyone :)
    one thing more
    Mostly CEO's of all corporations are mba's
    can u tell me ACCA CE's or Ceo's?

  4. @ Murtaza Abbas

    I have to disagree with you at this point. Well as you see not 100% of the lot get jobs, to get a job you have to look for oppurtunities. Well the extent ACCA pass out are concerned, Most MBA student get in there way for the Job, I mean to say that as they are available at a lower wage span then why would an employer would hire an employee who cost more.

    Well>>>> about the higher position of Companies I would start from CFO, who has to be an ACCA or CA, Then I would come to CEO, I know many of the People here in London and few in Pakistan who is on CEO posts and earning High salaries.

    It will take some time for ACCA members to be at the TOP of the organisational structure as ACCA is a new qualification campared to MBA, as ACCA body was established in 1996, I hope you have understood what I MEAN?

  5. CA is something different than ACCA mind you. It is established CA is a higher degree
    tell me...after giving ACCA why cant people give CSS (whose min requirement is bachelors degree)

  6. oh yes murtaza is quite correct over here
    i would like to agree with him

  7. You just cant have a comparison of ACCA with MBA/BBA.
    If u wanna have a comparison they compare it with CA (ICAP). Does it make any sense of comparing FINANCE with MANAGEMENT? COMPARISON always lies between like with like..
    So this topic that MBA is better or ACCA is senseless.

  8. Well, i just wanna say that u guys are right to object M. Danyal Shafiq! lekin mai yeh kehna chahti hoo k har bande k mind mai different questions hote hai jiske answer woh demand karta hai and well.... Danyal, by making comparison between MBA/BBA and ACCA has answered to my question...!!! so every body has different angles of thinking.. Well, a bunch of thanks to DANYAL!!!

  9. Well I'm an ACCA qualified, have done my BBA hons in applied accounting and finance, looking for a job/internship for me and planning to do MBA in the future. Somebody pointed out here that MBA takes 6 years to be completed. Please give me a gun man and i'll shoot myself right here and now. ACCA is no doubt a very good field but it bounds you to certain companies and with certain employers. Now I know in Pakistan, people are not very keen on changing their jobs and live their lives doing the same jobs sometimes. I read some where that every tom, dick and harry stands and starts doing ACCA so the value of this degree has come down a lot in the very recent years.
    In ACCA, tax and law are not specializations. They're mere one of the papers. If somebody reads the newspaper, he/she will notice that all the ACCA or CA advertisements will also demand MBA (finance) but all MBA advertisements do not demand ACCA or CA. No field in the world promises you 100% employment. It all depends on a person's capabilities and the institution he/she has done the degree from.
    Moreover, somebody rightly pointed out here that MBA is a very diversified field. You can choose any of the various specializations; finance, HR, IT, international business, entrepreneurship etc. MBA finance fulfills the requirements of ACCA or CA. Plus one also learns much about other fields like economics, HR, IT, accounting etc in any MBA.
    Hope I'm able to clear out some of the doubts.

  10. . . . And yes, you can appear in CSS or any other governmental exams after doing MBA if you fulfill their age specification. The funny part is you're not even a Graduate even after doing ACCA.

  11. @ murtaza
    dude...its the local shitty system of education which doesnt recognise ACCA equal to bachelors...forget about ACCA, even CA is not recognised equal to bachelors...and u know y>>coz ACCA/CA does not include pak studies and islamiat in their ur homework before u come..!!

    @ ahsan
    dude...4 years of bachelors and 2 years of masters....4+2=6..!! where did ur maths go?

    ppl ere in pakistan are always lookin out to grasp the best oppurtunity available..either locally or abroad..and u talkin abt they being passive in job varies from indivisual to indivisual..

    ACCA bounds u? every organisation needs accountants...every industry..!! with the more strict implementation of code of ethics need for internal auditors,audit committes,auditors..!!
    every big company requires financial analysts,tax planners,cost accountants to survive..!! where in the world do u live?

    ur rite...many ppl are doin ACCA..buh hello..!! how many are actually qualifying?? thats what matters more...u know..till last year there were only 8500 qualified ACCA's in pakistan..are they enuf to bring the market down??

    ACCA offers specialisation through the last 4 option papers...if u take up p6(syllabus 09) its ADVANCE TAXATION..designed to make u a specialist..!

    yes ur rite...MBA is diverse...ur master of nothing, jack of all..!!

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  14. I am an acca qualified and holding a bsc degree of it. ACCA is seen as a piece of crap in Pakistan and has no value and no job opportunities.

  15. i am Somali boy aged 22 years old looking for to take good dicision about his career i dont know which is beter to do master or acca but Allah KNOWS IT I HOPE I WILL TAKE THE BETER OPTION

  16. i wanna kno something special abt the management courses...its nt ACCA OR MBA.

    i failed in waiting for exams to get pass.
    So i wanna kno is there is any course for me to study to ..especially for management with ma eligibility :)

  17. Daniyal Shafiq, this was actually very useful. Thankyou!

  18. People, isn't FIA> ACCA> BBA/BSc (Honz)> MBA
    ... a better track as compared to:
    A Level> BBA> MBA
    Seems it's more time saving !!... Pl comment

  19. Without doubt MBA programmes offer higher level of advanced education and are prestigious throughout the world, but many of them are recognized neither by workplace nor firms.

    There are no consistent standards of content or quality of an MBA programme – as these are internally determined and assessed by the university itself. That’s why one MBA degree is not comparable with another.

    A University degree also concentrates on theory, and only to a limited degree prepares a graduate for practical usage.

    The ACCA qualification is a passport to a new world of opportunity - once you become a member, the learning process continues throughout your career. The range of educational opportunities includes a degree qualification, a specifically tailored MBA and a constantly updated range of courses in all areas of finance and management.

  20. I have done BBA (hons)and my specialize was in Finance, unfortunately am weak in Finance but i want grip on it so that to start up my career with Finance field...i am deciding to opt ACCA but some of my frnds are saying that i should go for MBA Finance at least its Master degree....suggest me friendz!!......keep in mind iv completed 16 yearz education (BBA Hons)

  21. I have done A-levels,,,,ehat shall I opt further Acca or BBA or BSc.accounting and finance and than MBA in finance and lz suggest the university as well inlahore.

  22. Visit ACCA Qualification FAQs and ACCA Institutes in Karachi to get comprehensive list of ACCA tuition classes providers in Karachi, Pakistan

  23. hey guyz,come in africa and earn alot of money,because some countries didnt know about acca,,only few poeale did the course..100% needded we only have 0.005 who are qualified in acca....

  24. acca is highly recognised here in zimbabwe